Whooping cough: who is at risk and how to prevent it

Sadly, whooping cough has become more prevalent in this day and age with recent outbreaks the last couple of years, nationwide and especially in California. Dr. Kozue Shimabukuro, M.D., director of inpatient pediatrics at White Memorial Medical Center, discusses how there has been a 30 percent increase in cases in the pediatric population. Those that are most at risk for whooping cough are pediatric patients less than one year old. Whooping cough generally starts out as a common cold with a runny nose and light cough, but it eventually progresses into something more serious, like a coughing attack that can last up to five minutes. This can cause the baby to stop breathing, turn blue and even death. Whooping cough can be life threatening dependent on the age of the patient and if left untreated.

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